Hal Leonard Drum Aerobics Schule für Drum/Percussion
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Hal Leonard Drum Aerobics

Drum Aerobics (Hal Leonard) by Percussion Partner, Andy Ziker, is a 120-page book/2-CD pack, providing a 52-week, one-exercise-per-day workout program for developing, improving, and maintaining drumset technique. Drum Aerobicsis designed for players of all levels – beginner to advanced – to help them increase their speed, coordination, dexterity, accuracy and lick vocabulary. Two accompanying CDs contain all 365 workout licks, plus play-along grooves in styles including rock, blues, jazz, heavy metal, reggae, funk, calypso, bossa nova, march, mambo, New Orleans 2nd Line, and many more.

Hal Leonard Drum Aerobics

Hal Leonard Drum Aerobics


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