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Groove Tubes GT 928 PR

This is an adapter that makes it possible to use the power tubes of a class A / B amplifier from e.g. Marshall or Fender to be replaced by EL-84. The amplifier then runs as a class A amplifier with considerably less power. A 100W is reduced to 50 Watt and a 50W amplifier produces about 20-25W after this.

The adapters are to be used as a duet or quartet and cannot be used alone. The 928PR is an adapter for an AB amplifier. A power reducer for a class A amplifier is no longer supplied by Groovetubes

This is the solution to get a more recording friendly sound pressure with a nice AC-30 / EL84 like feel.

Note: the minimum installation height from the top of the tube to the chassis is 10.8 cm.

SUB928 cannot be used in amplifiers with an anode voltage higher than 490V.

Groove Tubes GT 928 PR

Groove Tubes GT 928 PR


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