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Gretsch Drums S1-0814SD-MAH Swamp Dawg

Swamp Dawg 8x14" Snare Drum Sound
Dubbed the “Swamp Dawg,” this multi-faceted drum is a versatile addition to the Gretsch Gold series. Tuning ranges are expanded due to the deep 8"x14" mahogany shell that, when tuned low, creates a “swampy”, dark, throaty, “low-fi” timbre reminiscent of historic recordings from the seventies. At mid and higher tunings, the Swamp Dawg cuts with saturating attack and full body.

Drum Components
The components and specifications of the drum were carefully designed to achieve a broad palette of sounds. The 6-ply mahogany shell, 8 tube lugs and triple flange hoops let the drum open up and breath while the 42-strand snare wires and double-ply, coated Remo Emperor batter head give the drum extra bite and playability.

Gretsch Gold Series Snare Drums
Gold Series drums use high-grade materials consisting of boutique-level craftsmanship and appointments. The New Gold Series snares are designed for the discerning player that is looking to add a new, unique sound to their drum kit.

Gretsch Drums S1-0814SD-MAH Swamp Dawg

8x14" Snare Drum
Bolt-on Gold Series round badge
6-Ply mahogany shell
Silver sealer interior
2.3mm triple flanged hoops
Chrome hardware with tube lugs
Throw-Off: Fully adjustable side pull with fixed butt plate
30-Degree bearing edge
Remo USA coated Emperor batter, Remo USA Ambassador resonant head
42-strand snare wires
Black nylon snare strip
Black nylon tension rod washers

Gretsch Drums S1-0814SD-MAH Swamp Dawg


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