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GR Bass Stack Mini

The combination of miniOne and GR110 offers an allround solution for pub gigs, rehearsals and double bass gigging. The amp head has al basic functionality that you could dream off in a mere 1.3 kg housing. All BRBass amps can go as low as 2.66 ohms so the match with GR110. gives great performance an flexibility

GR Bass Stack Mini

Amp Specifications:
• 350W RMS @ 4 ohm
• 1,3kg only
• Auxiliary input
• DI with pre/post switch
• Headphones out with volume control
• Deep switch, bright switch
• Low, Mid (400/800 switch), High
• Mute function
• Master volume
• 5 years warranty

Cabinet Specifications:
• 1 x 10"+ 1"HF with rear bass port
• 300W 4 ohms
• 7.1 kg
• 5 years warranty

GR Bass Stack Mini


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