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GR Bass Stack 800

Maximum dynamics and headroom! Our best sold amp head ONE800 roars at stadium volume with a fully loaded preamp. The front bass port of large stage favourite GR112H/T will embrace you with low end hugs without disturbing your audience.

GR Bass Stack 800

Amp Specifications:
• 800W RMS @ 4 ohm
• 2,35kg only
• Built-in tuner (or VU meter)
• Auxiliary input
• Antibump DI
• Internal power supply for external equipment (9V center negative polarity)
• Switchable fan (studio or live mode)
• Headphones out with volume control
• Deep switch, bright switch
• Low, Mid Low (3 freq), Mid High (3 freq), High
• Pure sound (bypasses all EQ filters)
• Mute function
• Master volume
• 5 years warranty

Cabinet Specifications:
• 450W RMS bass speaker cabinet with 98 dB SPL (4 ohm)
• 1x 12 inch woofer
• 1 inch HF driver with L-pad regulator
• 38Hz to 22kHz
• 12.8Kg
• 39H x 51W x 35D cm
• 5 years warranty

GR Bass Stack 800


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