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G&L Tribute S-500 Irish Ale

The G&L S-500 debuted in 1982 as Leo’s own evolution of the traditional double-cutaway bolt-on axe, delivering innovations including the Dual-Fulcrum vibrato and Magnetic Field Design single-coil pickups, each designed by Leo Fender himself. These MFD pickups deliver a bright and sparkly top end and robust bottom end, all without losing midrange focus.

You’ll find plenty of punch in the MFD pickups, but what’s surprising is how glassy and detailed they become as you roll back the volume and bass controls, the latter a part of the S-500’s PTB (Passive Treble and Bass) system which functions on all three pickups. What’s more, the G&L Tribute Series S-500 includes a push-pull expander switch on the treble pot to allow neck+bridge or all three pickups together. In a pinch, the neck+bridge combo does a convincing faux ASAT Special. Talk about versatile!

The new G&L Tribute Series S-500 features one of Leo’s favorite pairings: the power of MFD pickups mellowed by the high porosity of a nato body. Making the most of this delicious combo is Leo’s Dual-Fulcrum vibrato, a work of engineering art which allows bending up or down with unsurpassed stability, while offering a silky feel through its beefy aluminum vibrato arm.

G&L Tribute S-500 Irish Ale

• SCALE: 25 1/2"
• PICKUPS: Leo Fender†-designed G&L MFD single coils made in Fullerton, California
• NECK WOOD: Hard-Rock Maple with Maple or Brazilian Cherry fingerboard
• NECK PROFILE: medium C
• FRETS: 22 medium jumbo, nickel
• TUNING KEYS: 18:1 ratio, sealed-back
• BRIDGE: Leo Fender-designed G&L Dual-Fulcrum vibrato
• CONTROLS: 5-position pickup selector, volume, treble, bass (PTB system), push/pull expander on treble pot enabling additional pickup combinations of neck+bridge or all three pickups together.

G&L Tribute S-500 Irish Ale


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