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Gator GC-335

The Gator GC-335Guitar Case fits your ES-style electric guitar and is made from the finest ABS plastic with an ultra-strong extruded aluminum valance. A through-bolted system attaches the exterior plastic to the interior foam, making it exceptionally rugged. The interior cushions your ES-style guitar safely with soft plush and an EPS foam supporting the neck. The Gator GC-335 case also features an interior pocket and locking triple-plated chrome latches.

Gator GC-335

• Hard Outer Shell Molded from Impact-Resistant ABS Plastic for an Ultra-Durable Exterior
• EPS Foam and Plush Lining Provide a Protective Interior Safe from Nicks and Scratches
• Spacious Interior Storage Compartment Offers Secure Hideaways for Capos, Strings, Picks and Accessories
• Reinforced, Extra Strength Handles, Offer a Firm Grip
• Heavy-Duty Aluminum Valances Keep the Closure Aligned While Protecting the Outer Edges and Reinforcing the Overall Strength of the Case
• Chrome Plated Lockable Latches Keep Your Instrument Securely in Place at All Times
• Designed to Fit Gibson 335 Guitars and Similar Style Semi-Hollow Guitars

Gator GC-335

Op zich goede koffer, maar mijn Ibanez gitaar paste toch niet helemaal goed. Geen probleem om te retourneren, ik heb intussen de originele Ibanez koffer besteld.

Gator GC-335


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