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Focusrite Clarett 8Pre+

Clarett 8Pre is a high-performance and immensely capable studio centrepiece for PC and Mac,
which inspires producers, engineers and artists to create their best work.

Eight high-headroom, low-noise, low-distortion Clarett mic preamps — featuring All-analogue Air
with impedance switching and relay control — capture vocals, drums and acoustic instruments
with precise clarity. Two JFET instrument inputs preserve the natural tone of guitars, just like
plugging into an amplifier.

Independent A-D and D-A converters bring recording artists closer than ever to their music, with
extremely wide dynamic range, low noise and low distortion. Greatly improved D-A dynamic
range brings every detail into focus, so engineers and producers can embrace no-compromise
audio quality in abundance.

Incredibly low A-D converter distortion lets you capture signals with
more clarity, for greater transparency and sonic accuracy. Two improved, powerful and
transparent headphone outputs inspire artists to hear every nuance of their sound on any type of
headphones, customise their foldback mix, and perform their best.

Whether you’re multi-tracking a drum kit or connecting to synths and outboard equipment,
Clarett 8Pre lets you constantly develop your musical ideas while always maintaining analogue
purity and extreme audio clarity. Expand via ADAT to add eight inputs and outputs using Clarett
OctoPre, and connect to MIDI and S/PDIF equipment to maximise your creative potential.

Focusrite Clarett 8Pre+

Mic Inputs
• Frequency Response 20-20kHz: ± < 0.03dB
• Frequency Response 20-35kHz: ± < 0.15dB
• Dynamic Range (min gain): 118dB
• THD+N (-1dBFS, +20dB gain): -110dB
• Noise EIN: -129dBu
• Max input level: 18dBu
• Gain range: +57dB

Line Inputs (Variable)
• Frequency Response 20-20kHz: ± < 0.05dB
• Frequency Response 20-35kHz: ± < 0.15dB
• Dynamic Range (min gain): 118dB
•THD+N (-1dBFS, min gain): -100dB
• Max input level: 26dBu
• Gain range: +57dB

Instrument Inputs
• Frequency Response 20-20kHz: ± < 0.04dB
• Frequency Response 20-35kHz: ± < 0.15dB
• Dynamic Range: 116dB
• THD+N (-1dBFS, min gain): -96.5dB
• Max input level: 15dBu
• Gain range: +57dB

Line & Mon Outputs
• Frequency Response 20-20kHz: ± < 0.02dB
• Frequency Response 20-35kHz: ± < 0.02dB
• Dynamic Range: 124dB
• Max Output level: 18dBu
• THD+N: -106dB

Headphone Outputs
• Frequency Response 20-20kHz: <0.06dB
• Frequency Response 20-35kHz: <0.07dB
• Dynamic Range: 118dB
• THD+N: -104dB
• Max Output level: 16dBu

Focusrite Clarett 8Pre+


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