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Fishman Aura Nylon

Fishman's Aura Technology in a foot pedal, allowing for easy and accurate reproduction of your instrument as though miked in a professional studio. Designed for Nylon String guitars.

Fishman's Aura Acoustic Imaging Technology allows acoustic musicians to easily and accurately reproduce the sound of their instrument as miked in a professional studio.

Aura is offered in a variety of forms, providing acoustic musicians with multiple ways to bring out the best of their instrument's natural sound, while eliminating the intrusive stage noise and complicated setups of expensive microphones.

Aura uses digital algorithms, developed in Fishman's audio labs, to create an Image of the natural sound that microphones capture in a professional studio. This Image, when played through an amp, mixer, or PA, blends with your instrument's pickup to produce an immediate and dramatic improvement in your amplified sound.

Fishman Aura Nylon

•Nylon String model with 16 'Images'
•Volume, Blend, and Image Select controls
•Feedback-fighting Phase switch
•Bypass/Mute foot switch
•Input Trim with Clip/Low Battery indicator
•Designed for use with guitars featuring undersaddle or soundhole pickups
•Runs on 9V battery or power adapter
•24 bit A/D/A; 32 bit internal processing

Fishman Aura Nylon

Fishman Aura Nylon


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