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Electro-Voice EKX-18S

The EKX series is the newest member of the Electro-Voice portable loudspeaker family, and combines legendary EV sound quality and reliability with the latest technology — all in a compact package suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement scenarios, including musicians/DJs and live/club/installed sound applications.

The EKX series features eight models (four powered and four passive), including 12" and 15" two-way models and 15" and 18" subwoofers. EKX is positioned above the ZLX and ELX series and below the ETX series.

EV-engineered Components
Signal Synchronized Transducers™ (SST) waveguide design, and Class-D amplifiers coupled with QuickSmartDSP all work together to provide precise coverage and superior sound quality at high SPLs. EV's award-winning industrial design — incorporating robust wood enclosures, premium-quality hardware, and durable EVCoat finish — ensures that EKX speakers look as great as they sound.

Signal Synchronized Transducers™ (SST)
EV-patented Signal Synchronized Transducers™ (SST) waveguide design on full-range models provides precise and consistent coverage.

Ideal for portable and installed applications
Lightweight, compact 15-mm wood enclosures with internal bracing, durable EVCoat finish, eight M10 threaded mounting points (full-range models), aluminum pole-mounts, and all-metal handles. Subs feature large slot ports for low distortion and excellent bass extension, and are equipped with a metal grille reinforcement bar.

Electro-Voice EKX-18S

• Axial Sensitivity (SPL, 1 W @ 1 m): 96 dB
• Maximum SPL: 134 dB
• Nominal Impedance: 8 O
• Power Handling (Continuous / Peak): 400 W/1600 W
• Frequency Response (-3 dB): 50 Hz - 100 Hz Half Space Measurement
• Frequency Response (-10 dB): 35 Hz - 300 Hz Half Space Measurement
• Recommended High-Pass Frequency: 30 Hz
• LF Transducer: EVS-18C 457 mm (18 in)
• Minimum Impedance: 7 O
• Connector Type: Dual NL4
• Enclosure Material: 15 mm, plywood with EVCoat
• Grill: 18 AWG steel with powdercoat
• Height: 520 mm (20.47")
• Width: 606 mm (23.86")
• Depth: 612 mm (24.09")
• Weight Net: 31.8 kg (70.11 lbs)
• Shipping Weight: 40.1 kg (88.41 lbs)

Electro-Voice EKX-18S

Electro-Voice EKX-18S


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