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Darco D9300 Extra Light

The guitar world's best kept secret. Darco Electric Guitar and Bass Strings are the world's best kept secret. With a loyal following, Darco strings offer consistent quality and tone for your electric or bass guitar. Give them a try!

Value without compromise
Martins Strings' Darco electric guitar strings meet the need for ultimate value. Sets are specially selected for rock and jazz.

Nickel-plated steel wrap wire
Common in electric guitar strings, nickel-plated steel provides great response with magnetic pickups. The material provides a bright tone and is tarnish resistant.

Silvered steel hex core wire
Tin-plated carbon steel hex core wire is very traditional for string construction. This core wire is used in both acoustic and electric strings.

Darco D9300 Extra Light

Set: D9300
Gauge: Extra Light 9-11.5-16-24-32-42
Tension: 85.0
Package: 6 strings

Darco D9300 Extra Light


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