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Darco D9200 Light

An incredible balance of quality and price, Martin Darco Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings provide the most strum per dollar spent. Martin Darco Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings offer clear tone and have been developed within stringent tolerances for clarity and longevity. The high tensile strength steel round core wire wrapped inside a nickel-plated steel wrap wire creates increased durability, keeping your guitar in tune and in tone longer.

Martin & Co. designs and manufactures the strings themselves. Like their guitars, each string is made with patience, care, and precision with only the highest quality materials producing strings with exacting tone and superior performance. Not only are their packaging materials minimized and 100% recyclable, but the envelopes reduce the tarnishing effect on the strings.

Darco D9200 Light

Set: D9200
Gauge: Light 10-13-17-26-36-46
Tension: 102.6
Package: 6 strings

Darco D9200 Light


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