Casio SA-46

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Casio SA-46

Learn keyboard playing the Fun Way
More than fun toys - it's also the intention that children will discover how to make music with the 32 keys. The SA-46 and SA-47 mini-keyboard features a new sound formation and an 8-voice polyphony. In addition, they feature 100 sound colors and 50 rhythms. The LC display also indicates: SA-46 and SA-47 are playful guys to take seriously! Another highlight is the simple switch: at the SA-46 to switch between piano and organ sound, at the SA-47 to switch between piano and harmonium / organ sound. Both instruments are designed in a beautiful retro design, with the SA-46 combined with bright green-yellow, with the SA-47 combined with stylish gray.

100 Timbres
50 rhythms
Piano / Organ key setting
10 Exercises
LC display
5 drumpads
Exercise system Melody Cut

Casio SA-46

Technical Description
•32 min. Keys

•8-voice polyphony (max.)

•100 new tone colors

•50 background melodies

•10 exercise pieces

•5 drumpads

•LC display

•Melody-off function

•Easy switching between piano and harmonium / organ sound

•Output for headphone

•Speakers: 2 x 0.5 W

•Power supply: power supply or 6 mignon batteries, format aa (both optional)

Technical changes and mistakes reserved.

Casio SA-46

Het is een handig instrument om te gebruiken in de kleuterklas. Het is klein en heeft alles wat je nodig hebt.

Casio SA-46