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Casio PX-S1100 BK

Color your favorite space with music from your fingertips. The Privia PX-S1100 brings your room to life with sound. An evolution in the PX-S1100’s design, sound and ease of use for an exceptional performance experience. Express yourself freely through your playing.

A key feature of the Privia PX-S1100 is its slim body. It is the world’s slimmest* 88-key digital piano with hammer action. With a depth of just 232 mm, it fits in your living room, bedroom or elsewhere for a living space filled with music.

The minimalist design and flat, mirror-like top panel with touch controls offer a sophisticated look. The striking gold logo on the surface of the body adds an extra touch of elegance.

The stylish one-tone color is designed to blend into any room, or serve as a tasteful accent. Three color variations are available: black, white, and red. The black and white colors blend in well with interiors, while the red can be used to provide a bold color accent. Choose your favorite color and match it to your room and interior style.

Casio PX-S1100 BK

• Number of Keys: 88
• Key Action: Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
• Touch Response: 5 sensitivity levels, off
• 88-Key Digital Scaling: Yes
• Hammer Response: Yes
• Key Off Response: Yes

• Polyphony (maximum): 192
• Number of Built-in Tones: 18
• Sound Source: Multi Dimensional Morphing AiR
• Layer: Yes
• Split: Yes

• String Resonance: Yes (4 types, off)
• Damper Resonance: Yes (4 types, off)
• Key Action Noise: Yes (4 types, off)
• Damper Noise: Yes (4 types, off)

• Sound Mode Hall Simulator / Reverb: Hall Simulator 4
• Sound Mode Surround: 2
• Chorus: 4
• Brilliance: Yes
• DSP: Yes (Preset for some tones)

• Music Library: 60
• Lesson Function: Part ON/OFF
• Lesson Function Part Select: Right hand, Left hand
• Demo Songs: 1
• Song Expansion (User Songs): 10

• Connection to App: Chordana Play for Piano ver.2.4
• Bluetooth: Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10) included
• Bluetooth Version 5.0, Bluetooth Audio Profile: A2DP, Codec: SBC
• Bluetooth MIDI Profile: GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth® Low Energy)
• MIDI Recorder / Playback: 2 tracks (1 System track+1 track)?1 song
• MIDI Recorder / Playback Data Capacity: Approximately 10,000 notes
• Audio Recorder / Playback: Max. 99 songs, approximately 25 min/song
• Duet Mode: Yes
• Octave Shift: -2 octaves to 0 to +2 octaves
• Metronome: 0 to 9 beats; tempo range: 20 to 255
• Pedals: Included: SP-3, Optional 3-pedal unit: SP-34 (damper, soft, sostenuto)
• Pedals Half-Damper Pedal: Yes (Optional 3-pedal unit)
• Key Transposel: -12 semitones to 0 to +12 semitones
• Tuning Control: A4 = 415.5 Hz to 440.0 Hz to 465.9 Hz
• Scale Tuning (Temperament): Equal temperament + 16 variations
• Operation Lock: Yes
• Others: Touch button: 6 (Tone select button: 1), Auto Power Off

• PHONES / OUTPUT: PHONES: 2 (Stereo mini jack)
• Pedals: 1 (Damper)
• Connector for 3-Pedal Unit: Yes (SP-34)
•LINE OUT: 2 L/MONO?R (Standard jack)
• USB Type A: Yes(Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor)
• USB Type B: Yes

• AC Adaptor: AD-A12150LW
• Battery Drive: AA-size batteries x 6
• Continuous Battery Life: Approximately 4 hours

• 1,322 x 232 x 102 mm

• 11.2 kg

• Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10), Pedal (SP-3), Music Stand, AC Adaptor (AD-A12150LW)

• PX-S1100BK: 4971850362623

Casio PX-S1100 BK


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