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Boston OB-240

Undoubtedly the most sold model keyboard bench for professional use is the Boston Heavy Duty OB-240. Good posture is a must for every keyboard player. The sturdy rubber filling promotes seating comfort, making you comfortable and comfortable for hours on end.

The keyboardbench can be adjusted in height by a simple EZ click system, but it can also be folded, making it suitable for almost any car

Boston OB-240

7 cm thick filling of 30 x 60 cm
sturdy black skay seat
easily adjustable in height using a unique EZ system
4 coarse rubber feet to prevent scratches
made from 30mm steel beams and strong welds
4 height positions adjustable (min height 48 cm, max height 60 cm)
carrying capacity: 150 kg
weight: 6,05 kg

Boston OB-240


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