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Blackstar DEPT.10 Dual Distortion

Dept. 10 Dual Distortion offers the ultimate valve overdrive experience in a portable, compact enclosure. Housing an ECC83 valve, Dept. 10 Dual Distortion’s 1st channel begins with condensed, smooth cleans and quickly transitions through heavy boosts and overdrives. Channel 2 takes this to new extremes delivering thick crunches, to screaming leads and high gain mayhem.

Low latency USB audio connectivity, XLR DI Out and the all-new Cab Rig DSP speaker simulator, allows the Dept. 10 Dual Drive pedal to operate as standalone valve recording-interfaces.

Cab Rig DSP speaker simulator uses state of the art digital processing to reproduce the sound and feel of a miked up guitar cab in incredible detail whilst overcoming many of the shortfallings of traditional IR’s. Over 250 mic and cab combinations can be saved into one of the three onboard slots. Each cab has a choice of mic type and axis, alongside room mics and master EQ.

Cab Rig is accessed from Blackstars new Architect software, available for PC and MAC.

Venue backline down? No problem. Simply run the pedal’s XLR DI straight to the desk and connect your other effects via the built-in buffered effects loop. Use your pre-saved Cab Rig speaker simulations and deliver tones that’ll rival any miked up amp.

Dept. 10 Dual Distortion runs at more than 200V internally, just like a valve amp. However, thanks to clever design it can be powered with a standard 9V adapter (included). This allows the ECC83 to deliver true valve tone and response while remaining pedalboard friendly.

Blackstar DEPT.10 Dual Distortion

• High gain valve distortion pedal with organic dynamics and break up
• 1x ECC83 triode valve running at more than 200V internally like a valve amp
• 2 channels with 2 selectable voices each
• Voices: 1x Clean, 1x Crunch, 2x Lead
• Patented ISF tone stack EQ
• Use as standalone valve guitar recording-interface
• Next-generation, patented Cab Rig DSP speaker simulator for recording or live PA usage
• Cab Rig offers over 250 mic and cab combinations
• 3 Cab Rig save slots on pedal
• Setup Cab Rig parameters via free Architect software for MAC / PC
• Built-in USB audio interface for recording or connecting to Architect software
• XLR D.I Output for recording or connecting straight to a PA
• Use as back-up amp via D.I Output when venue backline is down
• Stereo ¼” headphones output
• Built-in series effects loop for max flexibility and easy integration into your pedalboard
• Built-in buffer / line driver to preserve your tone when using long cables
• Runs on 9V DC (PSU included)
• Compact pedalboard friendly design
• Conceived and designed by Blackstar UK

Blackstar DEPT.10 Dual Distortion


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