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Best Service Galaxy 2

"Virtual Piano
Contains three sampled grand pianos
Galaxy Steinway 5.1: Steinway D from the Galaxy Studios in Belgium - in surround and stereo version
Vienna Grand Imperial: Bösendorfer Imperial 290 with 96 keys incl. Contra-octave
1929 German Baby Grand: Blüthner Model 150 with warm and romantic timbre
Over 6000 samples
Organized in up to 13 velocity zones
Genuine overtone and Una Corda samples
Chromatic resonance and release samples with multiple velocity and noise samples
True half-pedal when using suitable damper pedals
Sostenuto and repedaling
Supported formats: Standalone / VST 2 / AU / AAXnative
System requirements:

From Win7 (32/64-Bit)
From Mac OSX 10.9
Dual Core CPU
15.2 GB HD
Internet connection"

Best Service Galaxy 2

Best Service Galaxy 2


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