Bela D Media Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02

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Bela D Media Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02

'Anthology, produced by Eduardo Tarilonte, is a projected multi volume sample collection of authentic instruments from various countries and cultures. In continuance of the Anthology collection, Bela D Media presents Vol.2, Spiritual Wind. Authenticity, playability and user friendly control via unique and inspiring instruments captured from around the world. Welcome to the next generation of sampled power and expression.


The Instruments
Armenian Duduk
Bulgarian Kaval
Koncovka (High Overtone Flute)
Fujara (Low Overtone Flute)
Low Bansuri
Turkish Clarinet

Audio Format

The Environment
For the express purpose of allowing the user to be in command of each exclusive mixing situation, Spiritual Wind is recorded within a controlled studio environment. As a bonus, Bela D Media has included the Giovani Edition’s 19th century church impulse response file.

Advanced Scripting
Offering the composer real-time control is our top priority. By means of advanced scripting technology within Kontakt 2, coupled with Bela D Media’s specialized programming staff, remarkable real-time control has been achieved.

Multi Speed Legato Control:
Automatically activated depending on the tempo of the users performance. The user can change decay and legato. The default values have been carefully chosen to achieve smooth musical transitions.

Male and Female Vocal Breath:
By means of the sustain pedal, the user can trigger vocal breath samples in order to create a true wind performance.

All patches are assigned the 24-bit Redeemer IRF. The user can alter the amount of ambiance manually or via any assigned MIDI cc#.

Auto Default Key Switching:
If set to auto default, the program will activate the default key switching scheme

Manual Key Switching:
If set to manual, the last selected key switch will remain active until the next key switch is selected.

Auto Drone Mode:
If set to automatic, the drone will start as soon as you play a note and will sound for as long as you play in legato mode.

Manual Drone Mode:
If set to manual, the user plays the drone via a#1. If latch is activated, the user you can release the key and the drone will still sound. To turn off the drone, press the key again.

A multiple array of instrument noises has been sampled to achieve true sounding performances. The user can alter the volume for each and the frequency of occurrence.

Speed mode:
The user can vary the speed of samples via Mod-wheel or any MIDI cc# chosen and all in real-time. This will allow the user to adjust all ornamentation's and/or vibrato to tempo.

Real Time Velocity and Vibrato Cross-Fade Control:
The user can add vibrato and/or crossfade velocities with a midi controller of your choice in real time.

Advanced Filtering:
The user can adjust a filter for changing the sound of the instrument. This feature can be controlled with an assignable cc.

Auto Random or Selected Round Robin:
The user can choose random or round robin.

Latch and Pan Tables:
Didgeridoo has two tables. One for choosing the latch for drones and grooves and another one for panning every drone or groove.

Volume Sens:
With this feature you can adjust the volume curve or velocity crossfade to your taste.

Wind Controller Compatibility:
ASW has been programmed for compatibility and easy way of use with wind controllers like Yamaha WX5.

Bela D Media Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02

Bela D Media Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02


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