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Apogee ClipMic Digital II

Simple, Professional Lavalier Microphone for iPhone, Mac and Windows
ClipMic digital is the ideal personal microphone solution for capturing dialog, interviews, narration, lessons, auditions, singing and conferencing. The compact lavalier microphone capsule, combined with Apogee’s analog-to-digital conversion and low-noise mic preamplifier technology, allows ClipMic digital to record and stream audio from your mobile device or laptop with sound quality previously only available with much more expensive solutions.

Get Closer to Your Sound - Improve Vlogging and Streaming
One of the most important benefits of ClipMic digital is that it allows you to put a microphone closer to the sound of your voice. A video is only as good as the audio you hear with it and if you are a vlogger, interviewer, lecturer or anyone making a personal video, ClipMic digital brings the microphone to you for the best sound and lets you position your camera where it needs to be for the best shot.

What’s New with ClipMic digital 2
The all new custom microphone capsule in the second generation ClipMic digital is smaller and delivers a 10 dB lower noise floor than its predecessor. This translates to even cleaner recordings. And, ClipMic digital now comes with a protective travel case and interchangeable cables. Lightning, USB-C and USB-A cables for plug-and-play compatibility with iPhone, iPad, macOS and Windows are included.

Recording Software Included - Ideal for multiple ClipMic digital recordings
ClipMic digital also comes with the Apogee MetaRecorder app for iOS as a free download from the Apple App store. Apogee MetaRecorder is a revolutionary audio recording app for iPhone/iPad that offers linked recording, tagging and organizing of audio on up to 4 iOS devices. This enables content creators to use multiple iOS devices and ClipMic digital microphones to capture multiple sources of audio for interviews, conferences, dialog for video and film and other applications. Using ClipMic digital and MetaRecorder for audio capture can help accelerate post production editing workflow in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier.

Apogee ClipMic Digital II

• Professional lavalier microphone capsule
• Brings the microphone closer to your sound source
• Ultra low noise performance
• High-resolution recording and streaming
• Studio quality Apogee converter and preamp
• Works with iOS devices, macOS and Windows
• Includes all the cables you need for connection to your mobile device or laptop
• Comes in travel case
• Includes free MetaRecorder iOS recording app

In the Box:
• 1 ClipMic digital lavalier microphone
• 1 Spring-loaded mic clip
• Metal windscreen
• Foam windscreen
• Carrying Case
• USB-C to Micro USB cable
• USB-A to Micro USB cable
• Lightning to Micro USB cable

Available Software:
• Apogee Maestro for iOS
• Apogee MetaRecorder for iOS

System Requirements:
• iOS 13 or later
• macOS 10.13.6 or later
• Windows 10 Anniversary update or later

Technical specifications:
• Frequency Response: 30 – 20,000 Hz
• Gain Range: 0 to 35 dB
• Max Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 127dB @ minimum gain, 92dB @ maximum gain
• Sensitivity: -46 dBfs (80 dB SPL, 1kHz) @ minimum gain, -11 dBfs (80 dB SPL, 1kHz) @ maximum gain
• Equivalent Noise Level (A weighted): -90dBfs @ minimum gain, -68 dBfs @ maximum gain
• Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz
• Capsule Diameter: 4mm
• Capsule Pick-up Pattern: Omnidirectional
• Capsule Type: Pre-polarized Condenser Microphone
• Mic Cable Length: 4 ft. (1.2m)
• Adaptor Cable Length: USB-A : 3.3 ft. (1m), USB-C: 3.3 ft. (1m), Lightning: 1ft. (0.3m)

Apogee ClipMic Digital II

Apogee ClipMic Digital II