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Alhambra Z Nature CW EZ

The Alhambra Z Nature CW EZ is a CW version of the successful Z Natural, the most affordable guitar in the Alhambra guitar line. The guitars are made in Spain using revolutionary CNC technology, because of this Alhambra is able to improve the sound quality and increase the production efficiency. To improve the sound quality for the Z series, Alhambra does not use any pore filler or a thin satin lacquer finish. The pickup element is the Fishman Classica II™.

Alhambra Z Nature CW EZ

Top: Solid Cedar 
Back/side: Sapele 
Cutaway/Full body: Cutaway
Finish: Satin Natural (no pore filler)
Position marks: Rosewood 
Head machines: Chrome with Pearl Buttons 
Body binding: Maple 
Nut & Saddle: Bone
Weight (Kg): 1.2 Kg 
Pickup: Fishman Classica II (incl Tuner)

Alhambra Z Nature CW EZ


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