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Alhambra CS-1 CW E1

This guitar is an excellent solution to those who are willing to express modern music with a classy touch. The Crossover guitars are perfect for performers who want to offer their audience a distinguishable tone and projection that a professional artist should have at all times. With a neck of 48 mm and its flexibility of fine quality in Cedar top, this instrument has the versatility of giving you a beautiful sound plugged or unplugged. The elegant design of its headstock will allow musicians to display style and project a sound that matches the look of this amazing instrument.

The Crossover guitar has an optional Fishman pick up; these guitars have a very balanced tone that is adjustable to the performer’s liking after amplified through a carefully placed Fishman pre-amp system. This Alhambra guitar features a radiused fingerboard and it enables the player to feel like playing a steel string guitar while sounding as a classical. The Alhambra Crossover is a guitar with a look and sound that offers you the best of two worlds.

Alhambra CS-1 CW E1

Top: Solid Red Cedar
Sides & Back: Solid Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany. Truss Rod
Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
Machine Heads: Gold Plated

Alhambra CS-1 CW E1

Alhambra CS-1 CW E1


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