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Aguilar AG5J-60

If you're looking to add some '60s vibe to your J Bass or similarly spec'd 5-string, check out this pickup set from Aguilar. Warm, punchy, and articulate, this calibrated pair is painstakingly modeled after a set of single-coils taken from a mid-1960s Jazz Bass using period-correct components - including the same heavy formvar copper wire and Alnico V magnets known to be used during that time. Aguilar's proprietary winding pattern gives each pickup good balance between strings for a tone you can take straight to the studio or plug into your favorite vintage amp.

Aguilar AG5J-60

Pair of Jazz Bass-style pickups for 5-string bass guitars
Painstakingly modeled after a pair of mid-'60s J Bass pups
The sound of the 1960s: warm and punchy, dynamic, and articulate
Made with Alnico V magnets and wound with 42AWG heavy formvar wire - just like Fender used
Single conductor, cloth-covered cable
Pairs great with Aguilar's OBP onboard preamps
Fits Jazz Bass-style instruments

Aguilar AG5J-60


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