NAMM 2019: Elektron Model

Meet a groovebox with six tracks, a very big sound in a small and compact size. You’ll get all the Elektron power in a small, lightweight and accessable package. A ton of handy presets and a lot of room/space for your own sounds. The hands-on features are easy. Available in February 2019

Elektron Model : Samples

Compact & lightweighted, the model: Samples will make it very easy to make beats. Thanks to the lovely hands-on approach. Model: A sample-based groovebox with six tracks, a lot of power and i twill fit in your backpack. Model will be available with some patches and presets of a professional quality. Just to get you started.

It has enough space built in for your own creations.

Stacked with great sounds

The soundboard uses high quality, digital samples. There are 300 pre-installed sounds by splice. Categorized by kicks, hihats, and even sounds that are never heard before. With a few changes, you can modify a sample till it reaches your needs. Import your own samples or use one of these custom sound packs.

Special knobs

Elektron Model makes it possible to have one function/knob. All well designed on the frontpanel. One turn will change any sound. Music will breaks free with 6 hard-touchsensitive pads. Every move will be recorded in the Elektron Sequencer.

Ready to go? With a device of less than one kilo? You’ll get all the advantages of one light and handy machine with some surprising sonical power and sound.