NAMM 2019: Akai Pro Force

NAMM 2019: Akai Pro introduces Force, a stand-alone production tool with Clip launch, recording, synths, MIDI support and more.

Akai Force

Hybrid music production and performance platforms - Automatically we think of NI's Maschine and the Ableton Live / Push combination - they've been on the market for a while now. So of course  there's speculation that someone would need a computer-less solution and wants to start producing with a completely self-contained device. Well, Akai Pro has now taken the leap and has announced the Akai Force, a self-contained 'production tool' that meets the clip-based workflow used by a large group of producers.

Full Force

In addition to clip launching, via an 8x8 RGB matrix, there's also step sequencing, sampling, effects and a selection of built-in synths (TubeSynth, Bassline, Electric and Hype), while everything can be controlled from a 7-inch multitouch display. The eight touch-sensitive buttons have graphical OLED displays, while the connectivity consists of two audio inputs, four audio outputs, MIDI and CV I / O.

This means that you can record Force directly - there's a microphone, instrument and line level inputs - connect a MIDI controller to it, there is a CV / Gate support which means it can also be integrated with your modular equipment. There are eight stereo tracks (real-time timestretching and pitchshifting are supported and there is 16 GB of onboard storage, which can be expanded thanks to the addition of an SD card slot and USB 3.0 ports.) There is also a 2.5-inch SATA disk connector, giving you even more storage options.