Native Instruments Free Expansions with Any MASCHINE

Buy any MASCHINE hardware and choose up to five free Expansions. Until May 1 2019, you can stock your MASCHINE with cutting-edge sounds and save up to 245€.

NI Free Expansions whit Any MASCHINE

MASCHINE MK3 + 5 free expansions
Our next-generation music production system. Lighting-fast workflow, hi-res screens, an audio interface, and more.

MASCHINE MIKRO + 3 free expansions
Your compact beatmaking companion. Make beats, melodies, and get down ideas – fast, fun, and hands-on.

MASCHINE JAM + 3 free expansions
Packed with step-sequencing power for performing and arranging. Great on its own, or combined with other MASCHINE hardware.

MASCHINE STUDIO + 5 free expansions
Your studio centerpiece, with total hands-on control over aspect of the MASCHINE software. Hi-res screens, jog-wheel control, and more.

Choose from 40 expansions
From the soulful beats of AQUARIUS EARTH to the polished techno of DEEP MATTER, choose from 40 of our Expansions, each bursting with everything you need to create in a range of musical styles – specially tailored for MASCHINE.

1. Buy any MASCHINE hardware at our online shop or your local music retailer.
2. Register your MASCHINE by following this link:
3. After registering, you’ll get an email with the voucher code and a link to choose your Expansions.