Keith McMillen Instruments

Keith McMillen instruments now available at KEYMUSIC

The man behind the brand is ofcourse Keith McMillen, for 35 years he has been designing musical instruments. He is responsible for the electric violin, the first programmable audio mixer and router, K-Bow bleutooth sensor bow, QuNeo 3D pad controller, ... among other things.

Everyone at Keith McMillen is a musician who thinks, works and cares about new instruments and how they can influence the artists of today for the music of tomorrow. And this passion is easily found in their instruments. They develop innovative hardware and software technology that gives a musician the opportunity to interface with computers in a more exciting way.

Their goal is to give musicians the tools they need to give new dimensions, expression and control to their performance. A computer that plays as a musical instrument must react and feel like a musical instrument, with enough nuance and sensitivity that makes an instrument musical. 


A revolutionary audio interface that also serves as a mixer and as a DAW controller. With 8 inputs and 10 outputs and two noise-free preamplifiers, the interface is well provided. You can control the K-Mix very accurately thanks to touch-sensitive surfaces that have been specially developed for this purpose. It's easy to transport and store without having to worry about damage. Perfect for musicians who do not want to be tied to one place. More info »


QuNeo is a pad controller for electronic musicians, DJs, VJs and DIY hackers, but slightly different. It has all the functionality of other pad controllers but the QuNeo brings the power of touch recognition to other dimensions. More info »


BobPad is an expressive electronic drum pad for drummers, percussionists and producers. It provides accurate hit detection, speed, conitnuous radius and pressure. 4 independently programmable zones express MIDI notes, velocity, pitch bend, pressure and location CCs. He also has an extremely wide dynamic range and measures the velocity of the softest hand drumming to the most brutal percussive attack. More info »

QuNexus Smart Sensor

After the QuNeo came the QuNexus, a USB-Mini controller. The 25 illuminated pads are arranged as a musical keyboard. You play 7 octaves with them, they support velocity, monophonic and polyphonic aftertouch and also the position where your finger touches the path. No switches like we're used to, but they feel when a finger touches them. More info »

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