Up to €100 CASHBACK on your new ELX200

BLACK FRIDAY DEALS Electro Voice gives up to €100 CASHBACK on the EXL200 series!

When buying a pair (2 pieces) of ELX200 loudspeakers between 01/09 and 31/12 you get up to € 100 CASHBACK!
For a pair of ELX200 PASSIVE loudspeakers you get € 50 CASHBACK.
For a pair of ELX200 ACTIVE speakers you get € 100 CASHBACK.

How does it work exactly?
1. Purchase a pair of ELX 200 PASSIVE or ACTIVE now.
2. Go to the action page of Electro Voice, enter the code P93L and upload a pdf or photo of your purchase.
3. You will receive your money directly into your account from Electro Voice.