Sabian HHX Omni 19 and 22 inch

Meet the new cymbals in the Omni serie from Sabian. These cymbals are designed with the drummer legend Jojo Mayer. The HHX Omni delivers the ultimate in sonic contrast and versatility!

Sabian HHX OmniThe new Dark Omni truly is a go-anywhere, play-anywhere cymbal. Thanks to its outstanding contrast and versatility these cymbals have a more nuanced tone on the ride surface. The Dark Omni welcomes you to a new dimension of playing with the shoulder.

The Sabian HHX Omni cymbals are available as a 19" or 22" model. The dark sound is achieved through the use of B20 metal, a medium weight and the use of a extra thin edge.

Sabian HHX Omni cymbals

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