KEYMUSIC Repair Service

Would you like to make use of our repair service? Then it's important that you carefully read the information and conditions below so you know what to expect.
KEYMUSIC Belgium has their own repair center, with fast service and top prices. 


              After handing over the product, an average repair time of 2 to 4 weeks must be taken into account.


 • There are several factors that can cause delays in the repair process:


Repairs are carried out by external repairers or suppliers and will therefore always have to be sent to the location where the repair will take place.


RMA procedure, the product must first be registered and an authorization for shipment.


First in, first out basis. At busy times it can take longer for us to start the repair of a product. 


For many repairs, new parts are needed to replace the defective parts. 


When the repair is finished, we ask you to pick up the repair within 2 weeks. If this is not possible, KEYMUSIC is expected to be notified.


If after 3 months the device has not been picked up, KEYMUSIC reserves the right to send the device to the customer, including the invoice with any costs incurred and the extra shipping costs.

  The complaint description, address and contact details and any accessories are noted on the repair ticket. The customer must check this information.

       Do you have a Beats by Dr. Dre product for repair? Then we ask you to contact the repair service of the supplier yourself.
Tel: 0800-0200174 (Monday - Friday, 7 - 20 GMT), see also Mail and Warranty conditions

  Do you have a Behringer product for repair? Then we ask you to register this yourself on the special site.

      We can only claim warranty if a valid proof of purchase can be transferred by the customer. 
The warranty must be determined by the supplier of the product. In case of doubt, an investigation will always be made at the supplier or service center first.
  If the offered repair does not appear to be broken, KEYMUSIC reserves the right to pass on the costs incurred to the customer.

  If warranty is claimed when the defect is caused by incorrect use, the repair costs will be charged to the customer. The customer will be informed accordingly. 
         When the product can't be fixed at the technical department in Belgium, the repairs that are not covered by the warranty have to be repaired at an external repair company or at (the service center of) one of the suppliers. 

  After examination by the repairer, a price estimate can be given. The lower limit for a quotation is € 150, - incl. VAT. This means that all repairs that entail costs that are below € 150, - are made without consultation with the customer.

  In case of a repair outside the warranty, KEYMUSIC will always ask for a deposit of at least € 30.

  If the customer indicates that a quotation is desired, KEYMUSIC will send an e-mail with the quotation for the repair. The customer must send a response within 7 days for approval.

  If no agreement is given for a quotation of a repair then research and transport costs will be charged. 

  After the repair is complete, there is a 3 month warranty on the work carried out, this warranty starts at the moment the repair is returned to KEYMUSIC.

  We can take care of ordering parts from brands that we also sell, if the desired parts are available by the relevant supplier. 


 • Parts are ordered according to the following procedure:


An order is created in the name of the customer. 


The possibility of ordering is checked by KEYMUSIC at the supplier.


The total costs of the order are passed on by e-mail to the customer, these costs will have to be approved by the customer within 7 days. If this does not happen, the order will lapse. 


As soon as the ordered parts are received, they will have to be picked up within 14 days after the notification about the delivery. After the expiry of this term KEYMUSIC reserves the right to send the ordered parts by mail to the customer, including the corresponding invoice with the additional shipping costs.