If you want to play better... Hear Better

JamHub Studios let you control the sound with up to seven unique mixing sections. You’ll hear every note with incredible analog clarity, and thanks to the JamHub Studios’ unique silent rehearsal capabilities, you’ll never get shut down by another angry call from the neighbors.

Each musician has their own section to play in. Set your own mic and instrument levels, then start tweaking. Turn up the bass, drop the keys, and find your groove. Everyone dials in their own custom mix, making it easier to hear, easier to learn, and easier to get lost in the music.



Make the most of your limited space and bypass the need for expensive soundproofing by incorporating these unique studios into your music education program. With up to seven musicians playing in each JamHub Studio, you can easily increase your program’s capacity and dedicate more time to teaching than to logistics.

Choose from the special Teaching Sets, selected by the KEYMUSIC team.

Modern Music For Modern Students

Students want to learn the music they’ve grown up with. Rock. Pop. Jazz. Blues. It all uses modern instruments to bring out the best in creative expression. When you teach kids how to harness that power, it frees them and gets them excited. And excited kids have excited parents. Excited parents get involved, do fundraising and go to their local school board to extoll your virtues, giving undersupported arts programs a much needed advocate when budget cuts roll around again. 



If your practice space just isn’t giving you the results you want, concrete walls unrelentingly reflecting sound back and forth, ceilings bouncing sound down into squealing mics, rattling walls adding sonic chaos, you’re never going to get the tone you dream of. It’s hard to play clean in a room full of mud.

Choose from the special Band Sets, selected by the KEYMUSIC team.

Studio Sound In Your Space

JamHub Studios will help you create the ultimate rehearsal room with clear, defined tones and a distinct lack of noise pollution. It’s all in the physics. Sound reflects. Tone can’t cut through the mud, so you turn up. Then your bandmates turn up, and pretty soon a full on volume war has the red and blues flashing outside. When you use headphone monitors or in-ears, even if you’re taking your tone from an acoustic kit or a mic’d amp, you can play at vastly decreased volumes because you don’t need to cut through the mud to hear. If you need to really feel it, just jack the volume on your SoleMix control. More sound to you. No change to the rest of the world.



In-Ear monitors were originally invented for large stages where wedge monitors just wouldn’t cut it. Expensive, unreliable wireless systems purported to give musicians the freedom to move around. But most musicians play on small, cramped stages where too much sound is the problem, not mobility. Today, wired in-ear systems are giving regular bands better monitoring and a polished, professional look, for less than the expense of one wireless transmitter.

The Perfect Mix

Imagine having the perfect monitor mix, every time you play, and being able to customize it for your own needs. Bands who use JamHub Studios to power their in-ear monitors are waking up to the possibilities. Synching in with the drummer or click track. Feeling the groove. Understanding the words. It’s all right there for bands who use JamHub Studios.



Your project studio is more than just a hobby. It’s a finely crafted tool. The little piece of you that makes a big noise.

If you’re running a dedicated A-to-D, but can’t figure out how to get the best possible monitor mixes, or are frustrated by latency, consider using a JamHub Studio to create up to seven independent headphone mixes so you can record the whole band in a multi-track studio session.

Capture those inspired moments and mix them later. When the full band is on, nobody gets “red light fever” and the music sounds live and inspired.