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Amplified peg

In 1946, Everette Hull and Stanley Michaels thought up a new microphone pickup. The pickup was attached to the bottom end of the upright bass and was nicknamed Amplified Peg or "Ampeg". Since then Ampeg has been developing some of the most creative and memorable products used by musicians all over the world.

Constant progression

Back in the sixties, Ampeg had been te first company to add reverb to an amplifier; the Reverbrocket actually was conceived two years earlier than Fender's Vibroverb, often seen as the original reverb amp.

Super Valve Technology

In 1969, Ampeg wanted to design the most powerful amplifier ever. At that time 50-watt amps were average, while 100-watt amps were considered to be very loud. Not only did Ampeg develop an amplifier with 300 watt valves, but also invented a new valve technology: the Super Valve Technology, or "SVT". Today, the SVT amps still are among the most wanted on-stage amplifiers, as they have proven to be (trust)worthy companions.