Boutique Guitar Pedals

For lovers of authentic and original guitar sounds and effects, nothing is better than the sound of a handmade boutique guitar pedal. Worldwide there are an enormous number of small boutiques, where experienced guitarists with a passion for sound and quality develop and build pedals and effects themselves.

Mostly building your own effects pedals begins as a hobby, but it grows quickly to become a serious activity. Our guitar specialists are always looking for new pedals and manufacturers, and we have an unequalled selection of boutique pedals.

Of course you will find popular makes at KEYMUSIC such as T-Rex, Strymon, Zvex, Fulltone and Visual Sound, but a lot of much smaller brands are also available from stock. Discover the great pedals made by Rockett, Roger Mayer, Vahlbruch, Lehle, MiAudio, Wampler, Xotic, Real McCoy, Mad Professor and more.

Look at all guitar and bass effects for an overview of our complete selection of effects and pedals.

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