Studiologic Numa Compact 2X

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Studiologic Numa Compact 2X

Extremely mighty. Endless combinations. The Numa Compact 2x brings to the extreme the power of the Compact family. Packed in the same compact size cabinet there are now 3 sound engines. A tone wheel organ model derived from Numa Organ, the Sledge sound synthesis and 1GB of samples memory. The new USB port allows to transmit and receive digital audio. Save more space using the Numa Compact 2x speakers to amplify the sounds of your computer or tablet. Tone wheel organ A true tone wheel organ model derived from the acclaimed Numa Organ is implemented in the sound engine. The user interface gains 9 programmable sliders which can be used as Drawbars to control the organ sounds and as linear controls to send Midi CC as well.

Virtual synth machine The Sledge engine is optimized to fit in the Numa Compact 2x where it’s possible to create any synthetic sound starting from a basic waves library. Using the 9 sliders section it is possible to control 9 synthesis parameters. Audio Over USB The USB port now allows to send and receive audio in digital quality. Simply record the sound of the NC2x from the Computer or use the NC2x as an audio board amplifying the digital audio coming from the computer or tablet, thru the built-in speakers, in endless combinations.

Studiologic Numa Compact 2X

• 88 notes semi-weighted keyboard, with Aftertouch
• 2 programmable sticks
• Built-in 2x10w amplifier + elliptical back reflection Speakers
• 128x64 graphic Oled display – direct control UI
• 1 GB of flash memory, 88 Factory sounds organized in 8 Sound Banks
• Factory & User Sounds updatable thru Hi-Speed USB device
• Tone wheel Organ Model section, with 9 Drawbars, Percussion, Chorus and Vibrato controls
• Synth section, with 9 Sliders to control synthesis parameters in real time
• 2 Zones Midi Module with full programmable controls and 9 assignable faders
• Concert Piano sound with release-staccato samples and String Resonance
• 2 double effects processors Fx1/Fx2 + Stereo Reverb
• Bass, Treble, Mastering (3D+Compressor) post processor controls
• Connections: USB (hi speed), MIDI In/Out, Audio L/R, Headphones, Ped1-Ped2
• Ped 2 compatible with triple pedal SLP3-D (Soft-Sostenuto-Damper with half-pedaling)
• USB-Audio feature, to send and receive digital Audio to/from computers and tablets

Studiologic Numa Compact 2X


Keyboard Midi Songs Package

Artikelnummer: B1111-263610

Studiologic Numa Compact 2X


1x Studiologic Numa Compact 2X
1x Younique Voucher Midi Songs
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