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Shure GLXD14E/MX53

The Shure BLX14R/MX53 is a single channel headworn wireless microphone system for performers, presentations, pastors, and public speaking applications. The BLX14R/MX53 includes the all-metal rack mountable BLX4R receiver, BLX1 body pack transmitter, and lightweight and discrete MX153 earset microphone.

Professional Receiver
For an "entry level" system, the BLX14R/MX53 sure gives you more bang for your buck than any other system in this price range. The BLX4R receiver has a high-res LCD display that gives you tons of useful information like RF signal strength, audio signal strength, frequency group and channel, and TV station channel in use. The receiver also has a battery indication light to let you know your battery is about to die. If the light is green, you've got plenty of juice. If it turns red, it's time to replace the battery.

With a single push of a button, the BLX14R/MX53's receiver will scan all available frequencies and set itself to the clearest one. No more guess work required. Once the receiver has been set, turn on the microphone and set it to the same group and channel. Done.

The BLX4R receiver comes with rack-mount ears and removable rear antennas. Not only that, it can be used with Shure's SWB844 antenna distribution system when you're using 3 or 4 systems at a simultaneously. If you're only using one system, but still want to mount it in an equipment rack, the BLX14R/MX53 also includes front mounting antenna hardware so you can get the antennas out of the back of the rack.

Rugged Bodypack Transmitter
The Shure BLX14R/MX53's included BLX1 bodypack transmitter is perfect for singers, pastors, or presentations. It's lightweight and slim design is great for just putting in your back pocket or attaching to your belt or pants. It uses 2 x AA batteries that get up to a whopping 14 hours of battery life when using alkaline batteries. A simple toggle switch on the top of the transmitter turns it on and off. Open the battery compartment and set the transmitter to the same group and channel as the receiver and you're ready to rock!

Versatile Lightweight MX153 Earset Microphone
Shure's latest addition to the microflex line is the omni-directional MX153 headworn microphone. This mic provides improved compatibility with wireless platforms and it's sub-miniature size makes it invaluable when you need discreet mic placement. The Shure MX153 works with any of Shure's wireless bodypack transmitters. From the BLX series, all the way up to the UR and Axient series, the MX153 is compatible. It will even work with older discontinued Shure wireless systems.

Shure GLXD14E/MX53

Shure GLXD14E/MX53

Shure GLXD14E/MX53


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