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Showtec FQ30-050

This square truss part from Showtec does not have a standard aluminum color. This truss part - which is otherwise simply made of aluminum - has a black powder coating. The truss section is ideally suited for use in a theater or other environment where it must remain as invisible as possible.

The length of this truss part is fifty centimeters. The four main tubes of the truss section have a diameter of 50 millimeters and a distance of thirty centimeters. You can connect this truss part to any other truss part, a baseplate or a wallmount plate from the FQ30 series from Showtec, but also to almost any square truss part (with a distance of thirty centimeters) from the Prolyte brand. The necessary couplings (4 spigots, 8 truss spiders and 8 safety clips) are supplied with this truss part.

Showtec FQ30-050

Showtec FQ30-050

Showtec FQ30-050


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