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Sela SE198

The Sela Handpan Stand is a light, foldable performance stand, which was specially developed for handpans and percussion instruments. The height of the handpan stand is 87 cm. It is therefore ideal for comfortable playing while standing. At the same time, the stand increases freedom of movement when playing. With the attached cords it can be easily and variably adjusted in height.

The matt lacquered beech wood is very resistant and light. The three special foam contact surfaces prevent slipping and at the same time preserve the beautiful, resonant sound of the instrument.

The holder is not only suitable for handpans. Other percussion instruments of similar size can also be placed on it.

The stand can be assembled or folded quickly and easily. Therefore it is ideal for concerts, street music or studio use.

Delivery without the Handpan.

Sela SE198

Sela SE198


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