Savarez 500CR Cristal Corum standaard nylon snarenset
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Savarez 500CR Cristal Corum

The New Cristal Trebles are produced from a new improved nylon: the amount of crystallinity of the string is optimized and there is a perfect link between the molecules. Thanks to high-tech methods, we can produce a top quality clear nylon string, as transparent as crystal whose intonation is perfectly true. This nylon is not rectified by mechanical way in order to keep a smooth surface on it. A surface treatment and a control driven by a comuputer using laser beam and photoelectric cells permit a real precision and regularity of the gauge.

The silver plated wound basses are considered as a second revolution in the guitar ‘s world (after the first revolution brought by KF Alliance composite treb). Savarez technological discoveries have permitted to offer to these basses the only flexibility like it in the world with fast answer. Their conception has been based on the reduction of internal rubbings: the string is vibrating very little, sound is extended and sound level is increased! This new nylon is a great success and a real improvement in clarity of sound. For these reasons we now use it for all the Savarez sets which contain nylon trebles.

Savarez 500CR Cristal Corum

Savarez 500CR Cristal Corum


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