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Saramonic NV5-WS

NV5-WS Replacement Furry Windscreen for SR-NV5 and MixMic.

Designed for the SR-NV5 & MixMic Microphones
Slips Over Foam Windscreen
Improves Wind Diffusion
Dual Layered Wind Protection
Reduces Wind Noise up to 40dB

The NV5-WS is a replacement furry windscreen for the SR-NV5 and MixMic. Designed for higher wind conditions, when the foam windscreen just won’t do. It is an ideal solution to get the best quality sound in high-wind recording environments.

Included items:

NV5-WS Furry Windscreen

Saramonic NV5-WS

Length: 5.9” (150 mm)
Width: 2.17” (55 mm)
Height: 2.17” (55 mm)
Weight: 0.34 oz (9.63g)

Saramonic NV5-WS


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