Pearl E-Merge EM-53HB - e/HYBRID

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Pearl E-Merge EM-53HB - e/HYBRID

The PUREtouch Electronic Pad System walks the finest line between the natural feel of an acoustic drum head and the response of an electric pad. The most common complaints about electronic heads is that they are either too bouncy or too dead. You should never compromise on what matters most and nothing matters more than feel. The patent pending PUREtouch Electronic Pads were constructed by Pearl and KORG engineers with six layers of material that work together to create the most natural feel of any electronic pad available. Combined with the WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY, for the first time ever, your choice of stick will impact the sound of your electronic kit.

Every area of the snare drum head responds like an acoustic drum from the center to the edge. You can also affect the feel by changing the head tension. If your preference is for a tighter feel and tone, simply tighten the head. Two separate rim triggers are perfectly positioned for cross stick and rim shots, and the snare drum’s 14” diameter makes this feel as natural as any acoustic drum.

It’s common that a player will have to alter their style when playing electronic drums, but with e/MERGE that compromise is a thing of the past. The natural feel from the pad construction with extreme sensitivity created by the WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY make the PUREtouch Electronic Pad System the new industry standard.

Pearl E-Merge EM-53HB - e/HYBRID

Set consists of:

1x EM-14S 14” PUREtouch Snare Drum Pad
1x EM-10T 10” PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
1x EM-12T 12” PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
1x EM-14T 14” PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
1x EM-EBP 18” PUREtouch Bass Drum Pad, Complete

1x EM-14HH 14” PUREtouch Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad Set
1x EM-15C 15” Crash Cymbal Pad
1x EM-18R 18” Ride Cymbal Pad
1x EM-MDL1 Electronic Drum Module

1x Electronic Drum Module
1x DR-80EM Icon e-Rack System
2x CH-830ES Cymbal Holder, Short Boom
1x S-830 Snare Stand
3x TH-70E Tom Holder
1x PCR-50L Module Clamp

Basic Comp, Attack Comp, Overdrive 1, Overdrive 2, Tube Drive, Radio Crunch, Distortion, Rich Hall, Plate Reverb, Small Room, Early Reflections, Chorus, Short Delay Chorus, Slow Flanger, Fast Flanger, Slow Phaser, Fast Phaser, Ring Mod 1, Ring Mod 2, Sync Delay 1, Sync Delay 2, Sync Delay 3, Sync Delay LR 1, Sync Delay LR 2, Sync Delay LR 3, Short Delay, Short Delay LR, Mod Delay, Mod Delay LR, Tape Echo, Radio Filter LP, Radio Filter HP, Radio Filter BP, Decimator, Lo-Fi Wah and Auto Wah.

Pearl E-Merge EM-53HB - e/HYBRID


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