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Foxgear Rainbow Reverb

De Rainbow is gebaseerd op de bekende en betrouwbare DSP FV-1 die wordt gebruikt in de meeste boetiekpedalen op de markt, en biedt 5 reverb-presets met 2 verbluffende glinsterende algoritmen naast de andere 2 klassieke reverb-effecten en een innovatief en inspirerende “RotaryVerb” (stel je voor dat je een oude rotary luidspreker midden in de Pantheon-tempel in Rome plaatst…)

Deze functies krijg je allemaal voor een fractie van wat andere boetiekpedalen kosten.

Foxgear Rainbow Reverb

Smart dimensions
The pedals from the Foxgear Professional Compact series measure only 2,3” x 4,7” x 1,1”, and thanks to their top mounted jacks, they can easily fit in any pedalboard. Compared to other manufacturer’s lesser-quality, side-jack mounted micro-pedals, you can fit 4 Foxgear pedals in the same space normally needed for 3 of the other manufacturer’s micro-pedals.

Foxgear pedals are constructed with non-SMD components in the audio path, with analog design, and high-quality components like Wima capacitors, real Alpha 16mm pots, non-plastic trimmers, and a true bypass circuit that includes Panasonic golden pin relays.

5 Reverb presets
• Shimmer: The Shimmer effect is a well-known kind of reverb tail that mimics the sound of strings or organ that rise up behind your notes and follows the harmony of the chords you are playing for an outstanding result.
• Celestial: more shimmer! High pitched and different frequency harmonics mimic a more effective organ/string carpet, organic, dynamic and touch responsive, so creative! (Deep Control changes the frequency used for the shimmer effect)
• Rotary Verb: imagine placing an old rotary speaker in the middle of the empty Panthenon in Rome. With the Multi control you can change the lFO rate to increase or decrease the modulation.
• Church: one of the coolest reverb effects, uses the Deep control to move from your local church to a larger Gothic Chathedral.
• Spring: emulate an analog spring reverb allowing you chose the length with Deep control, and Lo- cut filtering with the Multi control.

Foxgear Rainbow Reverb

Foxgear Rainbow Reverb


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