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EBS NG10 Geo Gorm 210

The combination of 350 watts of power coupled with the super efficient 3rd generation Neodymium speakers created a unit that defines the whole reason for choosing a combo instead of an amp-cab set-up. The EBS NeoGorm combos incorporates the great knowledge about bass amplification within EBS with the latest speaker technology.The new NeoGorm share some of the best features from the earlier GormET, like the advanced XLR output, the built in compressor and the tubelike character filter. Add to that the new efficient Neodymium speakers and new functions like the effect loop mix-in filter, a Neutrik® Speakon connector to connect an external 4 ohms cabinet and remote connections to control the drive, mute, character filter and EQ section.
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EBS NG10 Geo Gorm 210

EBS NG10 Geo Gorm 210


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