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Blackstar HT Studio 20 Bronco

The HT Studio 20 combo is the big brother of our critically acclaimed HT-5 and offers huge versatility for home, rehearsal or studio use. The carefully voiced preamp coupled with a cathode-biased EL34 power amp, provides the user with the ability to create wonderfully lush valve tones through the 12" Celestion speaker.

Blackstar HT Studio 20 Bronco

• 20 Watt valve combo
• 2xECC83, 2xEL34
• Two footswitchable channels
• 12" Celestion speaker
• Enhanced tone controls
• Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
• Master volume
• Digital reverb
• Speaker emulated output
• Effects loop
• 1-way footswitch included
• Cool vintage styling

Blackstar HT Studio 20 Bronco

Blackstar HT Studio 20 Bronco


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