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Ashdown RM-500-EVO II

Now in its second evolution is the RM-500 EVO II. The 500-watt power section of the RM500 EVO has been developed to maintain a deep low end, defined mids and transient highs delivering its output into a 4-ohm load. All of this and we have managed to make it nearly half the weight of the original RM 500!!! Ashdown Rootmaster heads are the perfect choice for working bassists looking for power and features without the weight. The Rootmaster EVO series’ pre amp now includes a passive and active input jack socket for use with high and low output instruments, this sets a clear signal path to the input control enabling you to fine tune your input level using the trademark As...
hdown VU meter. With the signal at its optimal level, you then hit the rich features designed enhance your tone, such as the shape button, 5-band EQ and on-board compressor. The drive control, as always delivers a delectable valve emulated over-drive, whilst the sub harmonic controls add further fatness to your tone - both can be foot-switched via an FS 2 footswitch (sold separately). Rootmaster EVO heads also feature an upgraded power section plus a handy mute button. What’s even cooler is when switched to mute, the trademark Ashdown Engineering VU meter changes from orange to cool blue – creating the perfect on stage mood lighting between sets.

Ashdown RM-500-EVO II

RM 500 Features:
Simple, powerful EQ
One-knob Compression
Overdrive & Sub
Totally connected
Power Output 500 Watts
Output Impedance 4 Ohms Minimum
Weight 5 kg

Ashdown RM-500-EVO II


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