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Ashdown CTM-100

100 Watt All Valve Bass Amp Head Like it's big brother, the CTM-300, our CTM-100 takes it's sonic cues from the classic valve heads of the past and pairs its 100W all-valve design with modern features, construction and reliability. Built tough for life on the road Built tough the CTM-100 head is housed within an 18mm Marine grade birch ply cabinet that features heavy duty flip style handles and an internal fan to keep things cool. This is an amplifier that is built to last using only the finest components to ensure years of trouble-free performance night after night.

Ashdown CTM-100

CTM 100 Features:
Classic all-valve tone
Flexible tone shaping
Valve life preserver
Tube-driven DI & Effects Loop
Power Output 100 Watts
Output Impedance 2 Ohm Minimum
Weight 19 kg

Ashdown CTM-100

Ashdown CTM-100


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