Akai MPC One Retro Special Limited Edition

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Akai MPC One Retro Special Limited Edition

Timeless Music Production
The new MPC One Retro combines the modern standalone workflow of MPC with the iconic look of the legendary MPC 60, MPC 3000 and MPC 2000 drum machines, delivering a truly timeless music production experience.

The Iconic MPC
The MPC has always been a pivotal part of contemporary music making. Sample and pattern-based music production has shaped the sound of Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, and Pop music for decades. The MPC One Retro celebrates this history while continuing to advance innovative standalone music production technology.

Modern Standalone Workflow
The modern MPC machines are more than drum samplers and MIDI sequencers. MPC One Retro includes all the latest MPC workflows critical to modern music production. A brilliant 7" Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen means precise audio sampling and editing. Select and drag MIDI notes on the piano roll for quick editing. Dial-in effects and automation parameters without interrupting the creative flow for a seamless music production experience.

Creative Connections
MPC One Retro has the connections to interface with all your favorite gear, making it a powerful center to your music production studio. Connect your favorite vintage sampler with MIDI In/Out. Control your analog synthesizer with the four 1/8th" TRS CV/Gate jacks. Sample vinyl from your line level turntables and create a new colllllection of loops. You can even connect your class compliant MIDI controller keyboards or external USB storage devices for expanded project storage or sound and sample library archiving.

MPC Plugin Instruments
If you don't have any keyboards, MPC One Retro has plenty for you to discover. MPC One Retro includes Bassline, a mono synth, TubeSynth, a polyphonic synthesizer, Electric, a vintage keyboard instrument and DrumSynth, a powerful drum synthesizer, plugins. These instruments include hundreds of presets to quickly provide you with an enormous library of inspiring sounds. Make the presets your own with pages of controls to tweak envelopes, insert effects and more. The MPC Plugin Instruments are powerful sound engines for designing your own collection of new sounds.

MPC2 Desktop Software Included
MPC One Retro includes the MPC Desktop Software. MPC Desktop builds on all the standalone MPC functionality you count on for a robust music creation experience. All 90+ of the award-winning AIR Music Tech insert effects plugins are available on MPC Desktop software for the power to mix, master and release finished, commercial-quality recordings. MPC Desktop expands the 8 Audio Tracks of MPC Standalone to 128 stereo audio tracks, making it the perfect DAW to finish your biggest music projects.

Akai MPC One Retro Special Limited Edition

• (16) velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, RGB-backlit
• (8) banks accessible via Pad Bank buttons

• (4) 360° touch-sensitive Q-Link Knobs
• (4) Q-Link Knob columns accessible via Q-Link button
• (1) 360° encoder for display navigation and selection via push

• (31) dedicated function buttons; red-, amber-, or green-backlit

• 7.0” / 177 mm (diagonal)
• 5.9” x 3.7” / 151 x 94 mm (width x height)
• Full-color LED-backlit display with touch interface

• Processor: Quad-core ARM® processor

• Storage: 2 GB user storage, 2 GB pre-installed content

• (2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS inputs (1 stereo pair)
• (2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS outputs (1 stereo pair)
• (1) 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo headphone output
• (1) 5-pin MIDI inputs
• (1) 5-pin MIDI outputs
• (4) 4 TRS CV/Gate Jacks, 8 Outputs Total
• (1) USB Type-A port
• (1) USB Type-B port
• (1) SD Card slot
• (1) Power Adapter input

• Via power adapter: 19 V, 3.42 A, center-positive, included

Dimensions (width x depth x height)
• 10.7” x 10.7” x 2.1”
• 272 x 272 x 53 mm

• 4.7 lbs
• 2.1 kg

Akai MPC One Retro Special Limited Edition

Akai MPC One Retro Special Limited Edition