Acoustic-Electric Guitars

In the early days of pop an rock music it was always very difficult to play an acoustic guitar in a live setting and get a good sound. Watch old clips of Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan on YouTube and you'll see them struggling to keep the guitar in place in front of a microphone as they perform.

Plug & play: Electro-acoustic guitars with built-in electronics.

The good news is guitar technology has advanced so much that getting a great acoustic guitar sound on stage is as easy as tuning up and plugging in. We offer a wide selection of acoustic-electric guitars. These guitars are also reffered to as electro-acoustic guitars, but do not confuse them with semi-acoustic guitars, which you can find in the hollow body guitar section.

KEYMUSIC has the best deals on acoustic-electric guitars from all your favorite brands, including Martin, Sigma, Hudson, Takamine, Seagull, Taylor, Washburn, Yamaha, Ovation and Ibanez to name a few! Acoustic electric guitars used to have a reputation of being a little more expensive, but that is no longer the case.

We have devided our selection of acoustic-electric guitars into two categories. Most acoustic-electric guitars are available as Dreadnought guitars or Auditorium, Concert and Orchestra Guitars.

Dreadnought guitars have a larger body than Orchestra guitars. Both body styles are available with on-board electronics and cutaway. A cutaway is an indentation in the upper bout of the body of the instrument adjacent to the neck of the guitar, designed to allow easier access to the upper frets.

We also have a great selection of Cutaway and Electro-Acoustic Classical Guitars. If you are looking for a variation on the standard classical guitar you should check out this category. We offer slimline body shapes, cutaway body shapes for easier access to the upper registers, electronics for practice, studio or performance, and necks with dimensions and proportions closer to the steel-strung guitar for more comfortable fingering.

To amplify your guitar you could make use of pickups, effects and preamps from major brands like LR Baggs, Schertler, AER and Fishman. A pickup consists of two elements: a magnet and a coil. The magnet will magnetize your strings which in turn move over the coil and thereby produce a small current that can be amplified. Then there are the so-called Piezo pickups, which unlike a microphone pick up the vibrations of the instrument itself instead of the air. The way these pickups are placed in or on your guitar varies for every pickup model. Some you can just clamp in the sound hole of the guitar, while with others you’ll need to drill a hole for the jack-input. To amplify your electro-acoustic instrument we offer a broad selection of acoustic guitar amps.

These amplifiers are ideal for small to medium venues, as well as your rehearsals and practice sessions. With an acoustic combo guitar amplifier, it's easy to make yourself heard even in a full band. Connected through your choice of pickup, the amp allows you to break the volume barrier of the acoustic guitar and reach everyone in the crowd.