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If you love your instrument, you want to take good care of it. Care and maintenance of your favorite instruments goes beyond keeping it dry and safe. You need to clean your instrument, treat and polish the woods and protect it from harm while transporting it. You need a gigbag or a case to carry it and take your accessories with you. If you are a guitar player, you’ll need a strap. The guy mixing live sound needs cables, mic stands and other tools to keep everything tight.

In this category you will also find power supplies, charging sets, connectors and adaptor plugs. But also supplies like batteries, adhesives and tape, all from most respected brands. We offer the best deals for: Bespeco, König & Meyer, Konnekt, IK Multimedia, Triad-Orbit, Stagg, Evidence Audio, Ritter, RME, DAP, JB Systems, Duracell and Brooklyn.

We also offer a great line of merchandise that includes great collectibles, T-shirts, mugs, barstools, and whatever you need to spread the love for all your favorite brands.