Accessories for Drums and Percussion

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Drummers and percussionist provided with the right drums, percussion, drum heads, drum sticks and hardware can not yet go home; they will need the highly necessary accessories such as hearing protection, tuning pegs, maintenance products, practice pads, drum rugs and the right bags and cases.

Bags and cases

Drum bags are light and easy to use. They are available in all dimensions, from the smallest tom to the largest bass drum. Do you own a standard 5-piece drum kit? Then you can easily pick a complete set.

Cymbal bags come as simple carrying bags, but also as thick padded quality bags. The same goes for hardware bags. As you get more and more hardware to carry around, you will learn to appreciate the convenience of a luxurious bag with wheels underneath. Percussive instruments usually are quite fragile, so a fitting bag is of great importance.

Drum cases are mostly used by touring musicians or musicians who regularly take their equipment with them. Cases are easy to stack, sturdy and durable. Even when a buckle, strap or wheel breaks, you can replace it or repair it relatively easily. Drum cases might be a bit more expensive than drum bags, still their durability, efficiency and user friendliness make up for that.